Virtual Camp 
Frequently Asked Questions

Why are we having Virtual Camp?

Saint Sophia Camp is going virtual this year based off the guidance from the Center of Disease Control (CDC), San Bernardino County, Los Angeles County, Los Angeles City Parks and Recreation Department,  the Metropolis of San Francisco and the Archdiocese of North America regarding the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Virtual Camp is the best option for the health and well being of our campers, counselors, staff, clergy, and their families. Although we will not be at our physical site, we will still have a fun packed Virtual Camp!

When will Virtual Camp run?

Saint Sophia Virtual Camp will be five days of jammed pack fun from Monday, July 27th to Friday, July 31st.

How much will Virtual Camp cost?

Our camp experience will cost $50 for the week.
This gives you access to our camp Google Classroom where you will see our daily schedules, all of the links for our activities as well as a limited edition Virtual Camp tee shirt!

How will Virtual Camp be run?

Saint Sophia Camp will be running Virtual Camp using different online platforms including Google Classroom, Zoom, and Kast. We have officially launched our new website, that will connect you to our daily schedule as well as the platforms we will be using.


Campers will log into our Camp Google Classroom each morning to see their daily schedule and different link for each activity at a given time. Some camp activities will be designated for different age groups, where others will be for the entire camp. If you have two campers in one household, it would be best  if they use different devices. 

What will my camper or I need for Virtual Camp?

The packing list for Virtual Camp is much simpler than sleep away camp! You will need:

  •  a device with reliable internet access (laptop, tablet, cell phone, etc) that you will use to log onto our daily activities. 

  • In order to access our Google Classroom, you will also need a Gmail email address.  

  • Our hub will also provide a list of materials that will be needed for each activity as we get closer to the start of camp. Don’t worry- you will most likely already have these supplies at home! 

  • The most important thing you will need for virtual camp is a big smile and a positive attitude!

What kinds of activities will be in Virtual Camp?

  • Campers will still experience being placed into a “cabin” with a counselor. Each cabin group will have designated time to spend together each day in their own  Zoom breakout room and complete activities and projects with their counselor.


  • Camp will still be divided into Athenians (age 7-9), Olympians (age 10-12), and Spartans (age 13-17). There
    will be specific schedules for each age group and links to click on during activity time where they will
    participate in fun camp events.


  • Campers will start their day with a morning Orthros Service and wind down in the evening with Vespers. Campers will attend Orthodox Life classes with Father Gary everyday and the entire camp will participate in a Virtual Liturgy


  • Virtual Camp will still have Olympics! Campers will be divided into four Olympic teams and compete to win a gold medal!


  • Campers will meet as a full camp in the morning and in the evening for camp announcements and to go over the daily schedule


  • Every night, we will provide a night time activity for all of our campers!


  • We don’t want you stuck on your screens all day, so we will provide daily outdoor activities for campers to participate in as well

What if a camper misses a day of Virtual Camp?

If a camper misses a day of camp or some of our virtual activities we have planned, it’s no problem at all! We hope to see all campers at each activity, but we understand that something may come up where campers can not make it.

Who will be at Virtual Camp?

Virtual Camp will include returning staff members and counselors that are excited to give you a fantastic camp experience from your home! We hope to see you there!

What do I do if I or my camper has technical problems during Virtual Camp?

We want this to be as easy as possible, so we will make sure that the daily schedule and all links needed will be readily available on our Camp Google Classroom. We will also have a staff member who will be monitoring the camp email closely to help you if any schedule questions or technical difficulties arise

Will there be Counselor at Virtual Camp?

Yes, Counselor will still have a role in Virtual Camp, albeit a altered one. If you are interested in being a Counselor for Virtual Camp please reach out to Perry directly at

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